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View Backlash Output on Sine Wave

This example shows the effect of the Backlash block on a sine wave using default parameters. The initial Deadband width is 1 and the Initial output is 0.

The initial deadband is centered around 0 and has a width of 1, which extends .5 in each direction. The output from the Backlash block begins at 0 and does not change until the input reaches the edge of the deadzone at .5. Then the output engages in a positive direction and changes an equal amount as the input. After the input reaches a value of 1, it starts moving in a negative direction. At this point the output disengages and stays flat until the input passes through the deadband width of 1. Once the input reaches the end of the deadband zone at 0, then the output engages and starts moving in a negative direction with the input.