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Query and configure C Function block data symbols

Since R2020a


Use the SymbolSpec object to query and configure C Function block symbol definitions and their properties.


Use the get_param function to get the C Function block symbol configuration object for the specified C Function block. Specify the first argument cFcnBlk as a character vector that defines the path to the block or as a block handle.

myCFunctionObj = get_param(cFcnBlk,'SymbolSpec')


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The symbols defined in the C Function block, specified as a Symbol object, or an array of Symbol objects.

Symbol objects define the properties of each symbol in the C Function block.

Object Functions

addSymbolAdd a symbol object definition to a C Function block
getSymbolGet a symbol object definition of a C Function block
deleteSymbolDelete a symbol object definition from a C Function block

Version History

Introduced in R2020a