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Read 2-D Signals in Structure Format From Workspace

This example shows how to read a 2-D structure from the MATLAB workspace. When you open the model, the following code is executed by a PreLoadFcn callback:

t1 = 0.2 * [0:49]';
m = magic(10);
M = repmat(m,[1 1 length(t1)]);
data.signals.values = M;
data.signals.dimensions=[10 10];

This code creates 10-by-10 matrix (2-D signal) by using the magic function, and then creates a 3-D matrix by adding a time vector. The time vector must be a column vector. The signals.values field is a 3-D matrix where the third dimension corresponds to time. The signals.dimensions field is a two-element vector. The first element is the number of rows and the second element is the number of columns in the signals.values field.

When you run the model, the From Workspace block reads the structure data from the workspace.