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Thermal liquid building blocks, such as chambers, reservoirs, local restrictions, hydro-mechanical converters

This library contains basic elements and building blocks for thermal liquid domain.

Simscape Blocks

Absolute Reference (TL)(Not recommended) Reference point at zero absolute temperature and pressure
Cap (TL)Perfectly insulated stop to fluid flow
Constant Volume Chamber (TL)Chamber with fixed volume of thermal liquid and variable number of ports
Controlled Reservoir (TL)Thermal liquid reservoir at time-varying temperature
Flow Resistance (TL)General resistance in a thermal liquid branch
Infinite Flow Resistance (TL)Perfectly insulated break in thermal liquid network
Local Restriction (TL)Restriction in flow area in thermal liquid network
Pipe (TL)Rigid conduit for fluid flow in thermal liquid systems
Reservoir (TL)Thermal liquid reservoir at constant temperature and pressure
Rotational Mechanical Converter (TL)Interface between thermal liquid and mechanical rotational networks
Translational Mechanical Converter (TL)Interface between thermal liquid and mechanical translational networks