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Measure OIP2 of Device Under Test

Use the OIP2 Testbench block to verify the output second-order intercept (OIP2) of a device under test (DUT).

Connect the blocks as shown in the model.

Set the parameters for DUT and the testbench.

Amplifier block:

  • Available power gain10 dB

  • Intercept points conventionInput

Mixer block:

  • Available power gain5 dB

  • Local oscillator frequency2.0 GHz

  • Add Image Reject filteron

  • Intercept points conventionOutput

  • IP232 dBm

  • Filter typeHighpass

  • ImplementationConstant per carrier

  • Passband edge frequency2.05 GHz

OIP2 Testbench block:

  • Input frequency (Hz)2.1e9

  • Output frequency (Hz)0.1e9

  • Simulate noise (both stimulus and DUT internal)off

Run the model. You will see that the display shows an OIP2 value of 32 dBm since the OIP2 was specified only in the Mixer block.

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