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Return the simulation results of a fitted nonlinear mixed-effects model


[yfit,parameterEstimates]= fitted(resultsObj) returns simulation results yfit and parameter estimates parameterEstimates from a fitted nonlinear mixed-effect model.

[yfit,parameterEstimates]= fitted(resultsObj,'ParameterType',value) returns simulation results that are simulated using either individual or population parameter estimates. The two choices for value are 'population' or 'individual' (default).


Use this method to retrieve simulation results from the fitted model if you did not specify the second or third optional output argument that corresponds to simulation results when you first ran sbiofitmixed.

Input Arguments

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Estimation results, specified as an NLMEResults object, which contains estimation results returned by sbiofitmixed.

Parameter type, specified as 'population' or 'individual' (default). If 'population', the method returns the model simulation results using the population parameter estimates. If 'individual', it returns simulation results using the individual-specific parameter estimates.

Output Arguments

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Simulation results, returned as a vector of SimData objects. The states reported in yfit are the states that were included in the responseMap input argument of sbiofitmixed as well as any other states listed in the StatesToLog property of the runtime options (RuntimeOptions) of the SimBiology model.

Estimated parameter values, returned as a table. This is identical to resultsObj.IndividualParameterEstimates property when the value argument is 'individual' or resultsObj.PopulationParameterEstimates property when the value is 'population'.

Version History

Introduced in R2014a