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Actuate a Driveline Using Torques and Forces

You can apply a torque to a rotational driveshaft, or a force to a translational driveshaft, in the following ways:

  • Directly, with an Ideal Torque Source or Ideal Force Source block.

  • Indirectly, with a dynamic element that generates torque or force. Such blocks include torque converters, clutches and clutch-like elements, and engines.

A torque or force source accepts a physical signal input and originates, from its mechanical conserving port, a mechanical connection line carrying that torque or force.

The Simscape™ Driveline™ simulation solves for the motion of the spinning or sliding driveshaft, given the torque or force that it is subject to. Therefore you cannot also subject that same driveshaft to motion actuation.


Simscape Driveline might generate an error if the combined torques and forces at any given node have a nonzero sum.