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Support: non-finite numbers


Specify whether to generate non-finite data and operations on non-finite data.

Category: Code Generation > Interface


Default: on


Generates non-finite data (for example, NaN and Inf) and related operations.


Does not generate non-finite data and operations. If you clear this option, an error occurs if the code generator encounters non-finite data or expressions. The error message reports offending blocks and parameters.


Code generation is optimized with the assumption that non-finite data are absent. However, if your application produces non-finite numbers through signal data or MATLAB® code, the behavior of the generated code might be inconsistent with simulation results when processing non-finite data.


  • For ERT-based targets, parameter Support: floating-point numbers enables Support: non-finite numbers.

  • If off for top model, must be off for referenced models.

  • When you select parameter MAT-File Logging, you must also select Support: non-finite numbers and, if you use an ERT-based system target file, Support: floating-point numbers.

Command-Line Information

Parameter: SupportNonFinite
Type: character vector
Value: 'on' | 'off'
Default: 'on'

Recommended Settings

DebuggingNo impact
TraceabilityNo impact
EfficiencyOff (execution, ROM), No impact (RAM)
Safety precaution

No recommendation

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