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Calibration and Measurement

Set up interfaces for exchanging data

Set up and use techniques and capabilities for exchanging data between generated and external application code.

Data interfaces are available for exchanging data between generated and external code or data. Use the C API to write code that interacts with generated code. Export an ASAP2 file for a measurement, calibration, and diagnostic system.

To log data to a MAT-file during execution of generated code, see Log Program Execution Results.


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coder.cdf.exportGenerate CDF (Calibration Data Format) file according to ASAM AE CDF standards
coder.asap2.exportGenerate ASAP2 (A2L) file according to ASAM MCD-2 MC standards
coder.asap2.AxisInfoSet values for axis to describe lookup table
coder.asap2.CharacteristicCreate characteristic object
coder.asap2.CompuMethodCreate compu method object
coder.asap2.FunctionCreate function object
coder.asap2.MeasurementCreate measurement object
coder.asap2.UserCustomizeBaseCustomize project and module settings
coder.asap2.getEcuDescriptionsECU description object for model
addAdd element to ASAP2 file
deleteRemove element from ASAP2 file
findFilter and get ECU description names
getReturn ASAP2 properties of data element
setSet property for data element


Generate and Customize ASAP2 and CDF Files

C API Interface to Model Data

Parameter Tunability and Signal Visibility