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Stateflow Automatic Table

Insert table with properties of current Stateflow object


This component inserts a table that contains the properties of the current Stateflow® object. Parents of this component can be:

  • Machine Loop

  • State Loop

  • Chart Loop

  • Graphics Object Loop

Display Options

  • Table title: Specifies a title for the table in the generated report.

    • No title: Includes no title.

    • Custom: Includes a custom title.

    • Name (default): Uses an object name as the title.

      • Object name

      • Object name with Stateflow path

      • Object name with Simulink and Stateflow path

  • Header row: Selects a header row for the table in the generated report.

    • No header: Includes no header row.

    • Type and Name: Includes a header row with columns for name and object type. When selected, this option creates a header row for the table with object name and type.

    • Custom: Includes a custom header.

  • Don't display empty values: Excludes empty values from the generated report.

Insert Anything into Report?

Yes. Table.