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Create Informal Tables

A DOM API informal table has only a body. It does not have separate header or footer sections. By contrast, a DOM API formal table has separate header, body, and footer sections. You can format one or more rows of an informal table to look like a header or footer. However, if your table header or footer has multiple rows, consider using a formal table. See Create Formal Tables. For information about other types of tables that you can create in reports, see Choose Type of Table to Create.

An informal table is represented by an mlreportgen.dom.Table object. Table rows and entries are represented by mlreportgen.dom.TableRow and mlreportgen.dom.TableEntry objects, respectively.

You can create an informal table from a MATLAB® array. This approach is the simplest because you do not have to create TableRow and TableEntry objects. You can also create an informal table by building the table from TableRow and TableEntry objects. This approach is useful for complex formatting requirements, such as an when an entry spans multiple columns or rows.

For information about formatting tables, see Format Tables.

Create Informal Tables from MATLAB Arrays

You can create a table by appending a two-dimensional numeric array, categorical array, or cell array to a document. A cell array can contain MATLAB data and DOM objects. See the array input argument on the mlreportgen.dom.Table reference page. The append method converts an array to an mlreportgen.dom.Table object, appends it to the document, and returns the Table object, which you can then format. You can also create a Table object directly by providing the array to the Table constructor.

This example creates a table from a numeric array. The example uses Table format properties to specify the table border, the row and column separators, and the alignment and margin of the entries.

import mlreportgen.dom.*;
d = Document('myTableReport','pdf');

t = append(d,magic(5));
t.Border = 'single';
t.ColSep = 'single';
t.RowSep = 'single';
t.TableEntriesHAlign = 'right';
t.TableEntriesVAlign = 'middle';
t.TableEntriesInnerMargin = '2pt';


Here is the table in the generated report.

A table containing the output of magic(5). The borders and separators are thin, solid, black lines.

Build Informal Tables from Rows and Entries

You can create an informal table by creating mlreportgen.dom.TableEntry objects, appending them to mlreportgen.dom.TableRow objects, and appending the mlreportgen.dom.TableRow objects to an mlreportgen.dom.Table object. For an example, see Span a Table Entry Across Rows and Columns.

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