Report Generator Creation

Create a MATLAB® program to generate a Microsoft® Word, HTML, or PDF report

Use the MATLAB Report Generator™ application programming interface (API) to create programs to generate reports. To get started, see Create a Report Program. Other topics below have details about the required and optional tasks, and the elements that make up a report generator program. For general information on reporters, see What Is a Reporter?

To share your report generation program with others who do not have MATLAB installed on their systems, see Compile a Report Program.


expand all Superclass for report creation
mlreportgen.dom.DocumentDocument container Create a MATLAB Reporter
mlreportgen.finder.FinderCreate A MATLAB Finder
mlreportgen.dom.MessageDispatcherDOM message dispatcher
mlreportgen.dom.MessageEventDataHolds message triggering message event
mlreportgen.dom.MessageFilterFilter to control message dispatcher
mlreportgen.dom.DebugMessageDebugging message
mlreportgen.dom.ErrorMessageError message
mlreportgen.dom.ProgressMessageProgress message
mlreportgen.dom.WarningMessageWarning message


expand all

rptviewDisplay report or presentation
docviewView a document using Word
rptconvertConvert DocBook XML files into supported document formats



Create a Report Program

Overview and general information about creating a report program

Required Report Tasks and Elements

Create Report Container

Create report object to hold report content

Construct a Report API or DOM API Object

Construct objects using API classes

Add Content to a Report

Types of content and how to add content to a report

Close a Report

The last step in creating a report with the DOM API is to close the report.

Optional Report Tasks and Elements

Import the API Packages

How to enable using non-fully qualified class names

Display Progress and Debugger Messages

Specify messages to display when generating a report

Display Report

Display the generated report in a viewer

Compile a Report Program

Enable sharing report generation programs with users who do not have MATLAB installed

Featured Examples