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Synthesis of gain-scheduled H controllers


[gopt,pdK,R,S] = hinfgs(pdP,r,gmin,tol,tolred)


Given an affine parameter-dependent plant


where the time-varying parameter vector p(t) ranges in a box and is measured in real time, hinfgs seeks an affine parameter-dependent controller


scheduled by the measurements of p(t) and such that

  • K stabilizes the closed-loop system

    for all admissible parameter trajectories p(t)

  • K minimizes the closed-loop quadratic H performance from w to z.

The description pdP of the parameter-dependent plant P is specified with psys and the vector r gives the number of controller inputs and outputs (set r=[p2,m2] if yRp2 and uRm2). Note that hinfgs also accepts the polytopic model of P returned, e.g., by aff2pol.

hinfgs returns the optimal closed-loop quadratic performance gopt and a polytopic description of the gain-scheduled controller pdK. To test if a closed-loop quadratic performance γ is achievable, set the third input gmin to γ. The arguments tol and tolred control the required relative accuracy on gopt and the threshold for order reduction. Finally, hinfgs also returns solutions R, S of the characteristic LMI system.

Controller Implementation

The gain-scheduled controller pdK is parametrized by p(t) and characterized by the values KΠj of (AK(p)BK(p)CK(p)DK(p)) at the corners ³j of the parameter box. The command

Kj = psinfo(pdK,'sys',j)

returns the j-th vertex controller KΠj while

pv = psinfo(pdP,'par') 
vertx = polydec(pv) 
Pj = vertx(:,j)

gives the corresponding corner ³j of the parameter box (pv is the parameter vector description).

The controller scheduling should be performed as follows. Given the measurements p(t) of the parameters at time t,

  1. Express p(t) as a convex combination of the ³j:

    p(t)=α131++αN3N, αj0,i=1Nαj=1

    This convex decomposition is computed by polydec.

  2. Compute the controller state-space matrices at time t as the convex combination of the vertex controllers KΠj:


  3. Use AK(t), BK(t), CK(t), DK(t) to update the controller state-space equations.


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Introduced before R2006a

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