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Obtain RoadRunner Log Files

While debugging RoadRunner issues, MathWorks® Technical Support might request your RoadRunner log files. You can also use log files to try debugging issues yourself.

Log files include all messages printed to the Output Panel.

Locate Log Folder

To locate log files in Windows®, click Start, and then type:

%appdata%\MathWorks\RoadRunner\<release version>\Logs

To locate log files in Linux®, navigate to this folder:

~/.local/share/MathWorks/RoadRunner/<release version>/Logs

Provide Log File Contents to MathWorks Technical Support

  1. Locate the log folder (see previous section).

  2. Zip (or tar) the contents of the log folder.

  3. Attach the zip file to a new or existing ticket for MathWorks Technical Support.