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Create Custom Filter Groups in Polyspace Access Web Interface

When you review results in the Results List, you can apply filters from the FAMILY FILTERS section of the toolstrip to focus your review on specific Polyspace® families of results, such as:

Define custom filters to narrow the scope of your review to only findings that are relevant to your project or organization. For instance, you might be interested in reviewing only Numerical Bug Finder defects and violations of Mandatory MISRA C™:2012 rules.

Once you define custom filters, you can share those filters with other Polyspace Access users to ensure consistent review scopes across your projects or organization.

To create or edit a custom filter, click Apply/Manage > Manage filters.

Polyspace Access custom filters configuration window

To create a new filter, in the Custom filters window, click New and then enter the filter name in the New Custom Filter pop-up window. You can optionally provide a description and enable the Shared filter checkbox to share the filter with other Polyspace Access users.

By default, custom filters are private and can be viewed only by the user who creates the filter. A private filter can be edited only by the user who creates that filter. A shared filter can be edited by the user who creates the filter or by a user with the role of Administrator.

To make changes to a filter name, description, or to enable or disable filter sharing, go to the Information tab.

To edit the filter selection, on the Configuration tab, click a Polyspace results family, for instance MISRA C:2012, and then select a node or expand the node to select individual results. For each family of results, you can view the nodes by group or by category when available.

To save your changes, click Save or Save as to save your edits in as new custom filter.

Apply custom filters by selecting the appropriate filter from Apply/Manage > Private filters or Apply/Manage > Shared filters. You can apply more than one custom filter, including combinations of private and shared filters.

Custom filters do not apply to the Dashboard view.

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