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Motors and Generators

Asynchronous and synchronous machines, motors, excitation systems

Generate power and provide electromechanical actuation.


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AC1A Excitation SystemImplements IEEE type AC1A excitation system model
AC4A Excitation SystemImplements IEEE type AC4A excitation system model
AC5A Excitation SystemImplements IEEE type AC5A excitation system model
DC1A Excitation SystemImplements IEEE type DC1A excitation system model
DC2A Excitation SystemImplements IEEE type DC2A excitation system model
Excitation SystemProvide excitation system for synchronous machine and regulate its terminal voltage in generating mode
ST1A Excitation SystemImplements IEEE type ST1A excitation system model
ST2A Excitation SystemImplements IEEE type ST2A excitation system model
Asynchronous MachineModel dynamics of three-phase asynchronous machine, also known as induction machine, in SI or pu units
DC MachineImplement wound-field or permanent magnet DC machine
Generic Power System StabilizerImplement generic power system stabilizer for synchronous machine
Hydraulic Turbine and GovernorModel hydraulic turbine and proportional-integral-derivative (PID) governor system
Multiband Power System StabilizerImplement multiband power system stabilizer
Permanent Magnet Synchronous MachineThree-phase permanent magnet synchronous machine with sinusoidal or trapezoidal back electromotive force, or five-phase permanent magnet synchronous machine with sinusoidal back electromotive force
Simplified Synchronous MachineModel the dynamics of simplified three-phase synchronous machine
Single Phase Asynchronous MachineModel dynamics of single phase asynchronous machine with squirrel-cage rotor
Steam Turbine and GovernorModel the dynamics of speed governing system, steam turbine, and multimass shaft
Stepper MotorImplement stepper motor model
Switched Reluctance MotorModel the dynamics of switched reluctance motor
Synchronous Machine SI FundamentalModel dynamics of three-phase round-rotor or salient-pole synchronous machine using fundamental parameters in SI units
Synchronous Machine pu FundamentalModel dynamics of three-phase round-rotor or salient-pole synchronous machine using fundamental parameters in pu units
Synchronous Machine pu StandardModel dynamics of three-phase round-rotor or salient-pole synchronous machine using standard parameters in pu units


power_AsynchronousMachineParamsEstimate electrical parameters of double cage asynchronous machine based on standard manufacturer specifications
power_PMSynchronousMachineParamsConvert manufacturer specifications to mask parameters of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine block
power_loadflowPerform positive-sequence load flow or unbalanced load flow and initialize models containing load flow blocks


Simulate Variable Speed Motor Control

Model and discretize simple motors with specialized blocks. Use the FFT Analysis tool of the Powergui block to perform harmonic analysis.

Three-Phase Systems and Machines

Use electrical machines and three-phase components. Apply the phasor solution method to analyze electromechanical oscillations in power systems.

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