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Electric Drives

AC drives, DC drives, shafts, speed reducers, batteries, fuel cells

Model electric drives through AC and DC drives, and model sources using batteries and fuel cells.


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BatteryGeneric battery model
Fuel Cell StackImplement generic hydrogen fuel cell stack model
SupercapacitorImplement generic supercapacitor model


Simulate a DC Motor Drive

Learn how to use the DC drive models from the Electric Drives library.

Simulate an AC Motor Drive

Learn how to use the AC drive models from the Electric Drives library.

Retune the Drive Parameters

Learn how to modify the parameters of an electric drive.

Modify a Drive Block

Learn how to change electrical connections or control modules by modifying a drive block.

Multilevel Modeling for Rapid Prototyping

Reduce system development costs using Model-Based Design.

Electric Drives Models

The Electric Drives library provides you with an easy way to incorporate electric drives in your models.

Mechanical Models

Learn how to simulate a shaft connecting a motor drive block to a mechanical load block and achieve high torque at low speed.

Mechanical Coupling of Two Motor Drives

Explore a mechanical coupling of the AC4 (DTC three-phase induction motor-based drive) and DC2 (single-phase dual-converter DC motor drive) blocks.

Winding Machine

Model a winding machine using the Two-Quadrant Three-Phase Rectifier DC Drive block.

Robot Axis Control Using Brushless DC Motor Drive

Explore a six-degrees-of-freedom robot driven by the AC6 (brushless DC motor drive) blocks.

Building Your Own Drive

Learn how to build a motor drive model according to your specific requirements.

Featured Examples