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ASM Control, Converter Control, General Control, Mathematical Transforms, Measurements, Observers, PMSM Control, Protection, Pulse-Width Modulation

Build control systems for power generation and conversion using ASM and PMSM controllers, mathematical transformation, and pulse-width modulation.


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ASM Current ControllerDiscrete-time PI-based asynchronous machine current control
ASM Direct Torque ControlAsynchronous machine direct torque control
ASM Direct Torque Control with Space Vector ModulatorAsynchronous machine direct torque control structure with space vector modulator
ASM Field-Oriented ControlAsynchronous machine field-oriented control
ASM Scalar Control Asynchronous machine V/f control
Single-Phase ASM Direct Torque ControlSingle-phase ASM Direct Torque Control
Single-Phase ASM Field-Oriented ControlSingle-Phase ASM Field-Oriented Control
BLDC Commutation LogicCommutation logic for brushless DC motors
BLDC Current ControllerDiscrete-time PI-based Brushless DC Motor current control
BLDC Current Controller with PWM GenerationBrushless DC motor current control with pulse width modulation generation
DC-DC Voltage ControllerDiscrete-time PI-based DC-DC voltage control with feedforward and anti-windup gain
Three-Phase Bridge Cycloconverter Voltage ControllerPI-based RMS voltage control for three-phase bridge cycloconverters
Thyristor Rectifier Voltage ControllerDiscrete-time PI-based DC-link voltage control for thyristor rectifiers
Change DetectorBoolean signal change detector
CounterDiscrete- or continuous-time counter
Filtered Derivative (Discrete or Continuous)Discrete-time or continuous-time filtered derivative
Fourier AnalysisDiscrete or continuous time Fourier analysis
Integrator (Discrete or Continuous)Discrete-time or continuous-time integrator
Integrator with Wrapped State (Discrete or Continuous)Discrete-time or continuous-time integrator with wrapped state
Lead-Lag (Discrete or Continuous)Discrete-time or continuous-time lead-lag compensator
Monostable Flip-FlopMonostable flip-flop
Moving AverageMoving average-value computation
On-Off DelayBoolean-signal delay
Serial-In Parallel-Out Shift RegisterDiscrete serial-in, parallel-out shift register
Set-Reset Flip-FlopImplement a set-reset flip-flop or bistable multivibrator
Signal Sample and HoldSample and hold the input signal
Discrete PI ControllerDiscrete-time PI controller with external anti-windup input
Discrete PI Controller with Integral Anti-WindupDiscrete-time PI control with integral anti-windup
Model Reference Adaptive ControllerDiscrete-time PID-based model reference adaptive control
RST ControllerPredictive control using a polynomial representation
Sliding Mode ControllerHysteresis-based sliding mode control
Smith Predictor ControllerDiscrete-time Smith dead-time compensator
State-Feedback ControllerDiscrete-time state-feedback controller with integral action
Low-Pass Filter (Discrete or Continuous)Discrete-time or continuous-time low-pass filter
Second-Order FilterLow-pass, high-pass, band-pass, or band-stop second-order filter
Second-Order Low-Pass Filter (Discrete or Continuous)Discrete-time or continuous-time second-order low-pass filter
Variable-Frequency Second-Order FilterVariable-Frequency Second-Order Filter
Washout (Discrete or Continuous)Discrete-time or continuous-time washout or high-pass filter
DC Current ControllerDiscrete-time PI-based DC current control
DC Voltage ControllerDiscrete-time PI-based DC voltage control with feedforward zero cancellation and anti-windup gain
Three-Phase Hysteresis Current ControllerThree-phase hysteresis current control
Velocity ControllerDiscrete-time velocity controller
Clarke to Park Angle TransformImplement αβ0 to dq0 transform
Clarke TransformImplement abc to αβ0 transform
Inverse Clarke TransformImplement αβ0 to abc transform
Inverse Park TransformImplement dq0 to abc transform
Inverse Symmetrical-Components TransformImplement +-0 to abc transform
Park to Clarke Angle TransformImplement dq0 to αβ0 transform
Park TransformImplement abc to dq0 transform
Symmetrical-Components TransformImplement abc to +-0 transform
Power MeasurementMeasure single-phase real and reactive power
RMS MeasurementMeasure root-mean-square (RMS) properties of a signal
Sinusoidal Measurement (PLL)Estimate sinusoidal characteristics using a phase-locked loop
Three-Phase Power MeasurementMeasure three-phase real and reactive power
Three-Phase Sinusoidal Measurement (PLL)Estimate three-phase sinusoidal characteristics using a phase-locked loop
ASM Flux ObserverAsynchronous machine flux observer
Luenberger ObserverDiscrete-time Luenberger observer
PMSM Current ControllerPermanent magnet synchronous machine current controller
PMSM Current Controller with Pre-ControlPermanent magnet synchronous machine current controller with pre-control
PMSM Current Reference GeneratorPermanent magnet synchronous machine current reference generator
PMSM Field-Oriented ControlPermanent magnet synchronous machine field-oriented control
PMSM Field-Weakening ControllerPermanent magnet synchronous machine field-weakening controller
PMSM Torque EstimatorPermanent magnet synchronous machine torque estimator
d-q Voltage LimiterLimit voltage in the rotor direct-quadrature reference frame
PWM GeneratorGenerate pulse width modulated signal
PWM Generator (Three-phase, Three-level)Generate three-phase, three-level pulse width modulated waveform
PWM Generator (Three-phase, Two-level)Generate three-phase, two-level pulse width modulated waveform
Thyristor 6-Pulse GeneratorGenerate thyristor 6-pulse waveform in single-pulsing mode
Thyristor 12-Pulse GeneratorGenerate thyristor 12-pulse waveform in single-pulsing mode
SM AC1CSynchronous machine AC1C excitation system including an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) and an exciter
SM Current ControllerSynchronous machine current controller
SM Current Reference GeneratorSynchronous machine current reference generator
SM Field-Oriented ControlSynchronous machine field-oriented control
SM Governor with DroopSynchronous machine governor with droop
SM PSS1ASingle input power system stabilizer type PSS1A
SRM Commutation LogicCommutation logic for switched reluctance machines
SRM Current ControllerCurrent control for switched reluctance machines
SRM Current Controller with PWM GenerationCurrent controller with internal pulse width modulation for switched reluctance machines
SRM Hysteresis Current ControllerHysteresis current control for switched reluctance machines


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