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System object: phased.HeterogeneousULA
Namespace: phased

Positions of array elements


pos = getElementPosition(sHULA)
pos = getElementPosition(sHULA,elemidx)


pos = getElementPosition(sHULA) returns the element positions of the phased.HeterogeneousULA System object™, sHULA. pos is a 3-by-N matrix, where N is the number of elements in sHULA. Each column of pos defines the position of an element in the local coordinate system, in meters, using the form [x;y;z]. The origin of the local coordinate system is the phase center of the array. The positions of the array elements depend upon the value of the ArrayAxis property.

pos = getElementPosition(sHULA,elemidx) returns only the positions of the elements that are specified in the element index vector elemidx. This syntax can use any of the input arguments in the previous syntax.


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Construct a 4-element heterogeneous ULA of different types of short-dipole antenna elements. Then, obtain the element positions.

sElement1 = phased.ShortDipoleAntennaElement(...
    'FrequencyRange',[100e6 1e9],...
sElement2 = phased.ShortDipoleAntennaElement(...
    'FrequencyRange',[100e6 1e9],...
sArray = phased.HeterogeneousULA(...
    'ElementIndices',[1 2 2 1]);
pos = getElementPosition(sArray)
pos = 3×4

         0         0         0         0
   -0.7500   -0.2500    0.2500    0.7500
         0         0         0         0