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Remove MATLAB Production Server Dashboard

Follow these steps to remove the MATLAB® Production Server™ dashboard in an on-premises server installation.

  1. Open a Terminal or Command Window, and navigate to the dashboard folder in the MATLAB Production Server installation directory.


    Default Directory Where MATLAB Production Server Dashboard Is Installed

    Windows® (Administrator)

    C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Production Server\R2024a\dashboard



  2. Execute the mps-dashboard script with the stop option.


    Script to Stop Dashboard

    Windows (Administrator)

    mps-dashboard.bat stop


    ./ stop


    You need to complete this step only if the dashboard is running.

  3. Execute the mps-dashboard script with the remove option.


    Script to Remove Dashboard

    Windows (Administrator)

    mps-dashboard.bat remove


    ./ remove

    You receive a message acknowledging that the dashboard was successfully removed.


    Attempting to remove the dashboard while it is still running will result in an error.

The procedure will remove the following directories and files from the directory where the dashboard was set up:


If you run into any issues while removing the dashboard, manually delete the .pid file and re-run the mps-dashboard script with the remove option.


In Linux, if you started the dashboard using the & control operator, you do not need to open a new Terminal. The & control operator makes commands run in the background.

In Windows, if the dashboard is running, you will not have access to the command prompt. Therefore, you need to open a new Command Window to stop any running dashboard instances.


Removing the dashboard does not uninstall it from the system. It removes the dashboard instance that was set up. The dashboard remains installed as part of MATLAB Production Server. If you want to set up the dashboard again, use the mps-dashboard script with the setup option.

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