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Amount of data the server instance discards after an HTTP error and before the server instance closes the TCP connection


--http-linger-threshold size


http-linger-threshold sets the amount of data a server instance reads after an error. If an HTTP request is rejected and the server instance sends back an HTTP error response such as HTTP 404/413, the server instance does not close the TCP connection immediately. Instead it waits for the client to shut down the TCP connection. This ensures that the client receives the HTTP error response sent by the server instance. During this time, the server instance receives, and discards, data from the client, until the amount of data received equals http-linger-threshold. After that, the server instance resets the TCP connection.

By default, the threshold is unlimited and the server instance waits to receive the whole HTTP request.



Amount of data received before the TCP connection is reset.


Set the linger threshold to be 64 MB.

--http-linger-threshold 64MB

Set the linger threshold to be 32 KB.

--http-linger-threshold 32KB

Set the linger threshold to be 1024 B.

--http-linger-threshold 1024