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Install the Excel Add-In

The Production Server Compiler app is used to Create and Install Deployable Archive with Excel Integration for MATLAB Production Server. You can install the add-in and configure it to connect to a MATLAB® Production Server™ instance using the generated installer or raw files.


The client installer installs under user's local profile, which does not require administrative privileges.

Install with the Generated Installer

  1. Double-click the installer in the for_redistribution\client folder.

    Screen shot of Excel add-in installer where you can choose an install location and enter the server configuration.

  2. In the Install location field, enter the location where the Excel® add-in is installed.

  3. In the MATLAB Production Server Configuration field, specify the URL of the deployable archive that contains the Excel add-in.

    Click Install.

Install with the Raw Files

In the client\for_redistribution_files_only folder, you find the following files:

  • projName.dll— Dynamic library required by the add-in

  • projName.bas — VBA module file created for the add-in

  • serverconfig.dll- Excel add-in that manages the server configuration

  • projName.xla — Excel add-in file


    The compiler might not generate the projName.xla file for various reasons, including that Excel is not configured to trust access to the VBA project object model.

    When this happens, you can install the add-in by importing the projName.bas file into the Visual Basic project of the workbook.

On the machine running the add-in, you must register the following DLLs with the regAsm /codebase command:

  • mymagic.dll

  • serverconfig.dll

If mymagic.xla is generated, install the add-in into Excel. If not, import mymagic.bas to the Visual Basic project of the workbook.


If you do not have administrative privileges on the machine, you can run regAsm with the /regfile option.

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