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Sensor Data Collection

Collect data from your mobile device position and motion sensors, camera, and microphone

With MATLAB®, MATLAB Mobile™, or MATLAB Online™, you can acquire and log sensor, microphone, and camera data from your mobile device. Use MATLAB to process this data in various ways, such as plots and processing images.

You can collect data from these sensors:

  • Acceleration

  • Angular velocity

  • Magnetic field

  • Orientation

  • Position

  • Camera

  • Microphone

You can set camera properties including resolution, autofocus, and flash. You can set microphone properties such as sampling rate.


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mobiledevCreate mobiledev object to acquire data from Android sensors
mobiledevlistList of mobile devices with accessible sensor data
dispDisplay properties of mobiledev object
accellogReturn logged acceleration data from Android sensor
angvellogReturn logged angular velocity data from Android sensor
magfieldlogReturn logged magnetic field data from Android sensor
orientlogReturn logged orientation data from Android sensor
poslogReturn logged position data from Android sensor
discardlogsDiscard all logged data from Android sensors
readAudioRead collected audio data from mobile device microphone
cameraConnection to camera on Android device
snapshotAcquire single image frame from Android device camera


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