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Return ID of netCDF attribute


attnum = netcdf.inqAttID(ncid,varid,attname)


attnum = netcdf.inqAttID(ncid,varid,attname) retrieves attnum, the identifier of the attribute indicated by attname. Specify attname as a character vector or string scalar.

varid specifies the variable the attribute is associated with.

ncid is a netCDF file identifier returned by netcdf.create or

This function corresponds to the nc_inq_attid function in the netCDF library C API. To use this function, you should be familiar with the netCDF programming paradigm.


This example opens the netCDF example file included with MATLAB®,

% Open the netCDF example file.
ncid ='','NC_NOWRITE');

% Get the identifier of a variable in the file.
varid = netcdf.inqVarID(ncid,'avagadros_number');

% Retrieve the identifier of the attribute associated with the variable.
attid = netcdf.inqAttID(ncid,varid,'description');