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Zoom in and out on scene




camzoom(zoom_factor) zooms in or out on the scene depending on the value specified by zoom_factor. If zoom_factor is greater than 1, the scene appears larger; if zoom_factor is greater than zero and less than 1, the scene appears smaller.

camzoom(axes_handle,...) operates on the axes identified by the first argument, axes_handle. When you do not specify an axes handle, camzoom operates on the current axes.


camzoom sets the axes CameraViewAngle property, which in turn causes the CameraViewAngleMode property to be set to manual. Note that setting the CameraViewAngle property disables the MATLAB® stretch-to-fill feature (stretching of the axes to fit the window). This may result in a change to the aspect ratio of your graph. See the axes function for more information on this behavior.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a