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Object Containers

Grouping objects and operating on the group as a whole


hggroupCreate group object
hgtransformCreate transform object
makehgtformCreate 4-by-4 transform matrix
eyeIdentity matrix


Group PropertiesControl Group object appearance and behavior
Transform PropertiesControl Transform object appearance and behavior


Object Groups

Group objects are invisible containers for graphics objects. Use group objects to form a collection of objects that can behave as one object in certain respects.

Transforms Supported by hgtransform

The transform object's Matrix property applies a transform to all the object’s children in unison.

Create Object Groups

Create an object group by parenting objects to a group or transform object.

Rotate About an Arbitrary Axis

This example shows how to rotate an object about an arbitrary axis.

Nest Transforms for Complex Movements

This example creates a nested hierarchy of transform objects, which are then transformed in sequence to create a cube from six squares.

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