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Current Folder Browser Preferences

You can specify the number of files that display in the Current Folder browser, and customize their appearance.

On the Home tab, in the Environment section, click Preferences. Then, select MATLAB > Current Folder.

Some Current Folder Browser preferences are not available in MATLAB® Online™.


Specify the number of recently used folders maintained in the Current Folder toolbar drop-down list.


Specify how frequently the Current Folder browser updates to reflect changes to files made from programs and tools other than MATLAB.

When you access files on a network, frequent refreshing of the Current Folder browser can slow performance in MATLAB. If this seems to be a problem, try increasing the value for Number of seconds between auto-refresh. Alternatively, clear the Auto-refresh view from file system selection to disable automatic refresh.

To manually refresh the view at any time, right-click in the Current Folder browser and select Refresh.

Path indication

Control the appearance of folders and files that are inaccessible to MATLAB, and whether to display tooltips describing their status. MATLAB cannot access files if they are not on the search path or, in some cases, if they are in a private folder.

Select the Indicate inaccessible files check box to dim the display of files and folders inaccessible to MATLAB. Move the Text and icon transparency slider to adjust the level of dimming.

Select the Show tooltip explaining why files are inaccessible check box to display a tooltip that provides information on why a dimmed file is inaccessible, when you hover over it.

If you do not select the Indicate inaccessible files check box, then the Current Folder browser displays all files and folders as undimmed and provides no tooltips.


Use the Toolbar preferences to adjust the layout and controls of the Current Folder toolbar. For more information about how to access Toolbar preferences, see Customize MATLAB Toolbars.

Initial working folder

Use the General Preferences options in the Preferences Window to specify the current folder in MATLAB at startup. For more information about General Preferences options, see Preferences.

Hidden Files

Specify whether the Current Folder browser displays files and folders that the operating system hides from system file browsers and file-listing commands.

This preference does not apply to Microsoft® Windows® platforms. On Windows platforms, the Current Folder browser follows the Windows preference for showing hidden files. To set or change the Windows preference, access the Folder Options, and then select an option for viewing Hidden files and folders.

To change how dates display in the Current Folder browser, change the short date format for your operating system. Then, refresh the date display: Right-click in the Current Folder browser and select Refresh. MATLAB uses your operating system's short date format to display dates in both the Current Folder browser and the Command History.

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