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Dataspace (H5S)

Dimensionality of dataset


H5S.copyCreate copy of data space
H5S.createCreate new data space
H5S.closeClose data space
H5S.create_simpleCreate new simple data space
H5S.extent_copyCopy extent from source to destination data space
H5S.is_simpleDetermine if data space is simple
H5S.offset_simpleSet offset of simple data space
H5S.select_allSelect entire extent of data space
H5S.select_elementsSpecify coordinates to include in selection
H5S.select_hyperslabSelect hyperslab region
H5S.select_noneReset selection region to include no elements
H5S.select_validDetermine validity of selection
H5S.set_extent_noneRemove extent from data space
H5S.set_extent_simpleSet size of data space
H5S.get_select_boundsBounding box of data space selection
H5S.get_select_elem_npointsNumber of element points in selection
H5S.get_select_elem_pointlistElement points in data space selection
H5S.get_select_hyper_blocklistList of hyperslab blocks
H5S.get_select_hyper_nblocksNumber of hyperslab blocks
H5S.get_select_npointsNumber of elements in data space selection
H5S.get_select_typeType of data space selection
H5S.get_simple_extent_dimsData space size and maximum size
H5S.get_simple_extent_ndimsData space rank
H5S.get_simple_extent_npointsNumber of elements in data space
H5S.get_simple_extent_typeData space class