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Chart Class with Custom Property Display

This example shows how to define a class of charts with a custom property display that lists only a subset of the properties. The following code demonstrates how to overload the getPropertyGroups method of the matlab.mixin.CustomDisplay class. The example also demonstrates the basic coding pattern for charts that derive from the base class. You can use this example to become familiar with the coding techniques of chart development, or as the basis for a class you plan to develop.

To define the class, copy the following code into the editor and save it with the name SmoothPlotCustomDisplay.m in a writable folder.

classdef SmoothPlotCustomDisplay <
    % c = SmoothPlotCustomDisplay('XData',X,'YData',Y,Name,Value,...)
    % plots a dotted line of the coordinates in X and Y with a smoothed 
    % version of the line. You can also specify additonal name-value 
    % arguments, such as 'SmoothColor' and 'SmoothWidth'.
        XData (1,:) double = NaN
        YData (1,:) double = NaN
        SmoothColor {validatecolor} = [0.9290 0.6940 0.1250]
        SmoothWidth (1,1) double = 2
    properties(Access = private,Transient,NonCopyable)
        OriginalLine (1,1)
        SmoothLine (1,1)
    methods(Access = protected)
        function setup(obj)
            % Get the axes
            ax = getAxes(obj);
            % Create the original and smooth lines
            obj.OriginalLine = plot(ax,NaN,NaN,'LineStyle',':');
            obj.SmoothLine = plot(ax,NaN,NaN,'LineStyle','-',...
                'Color',[0.9290 0.6940 0.1250],'LineWidth',2);
        function update(obj)
            % Update line data
            obj.OriginalLine.XData = obj.XData;
            obj.OriginalLine.YData = obj.YData;
            obj.SmoothLine.XData = obj.XData;
            obj.SmoothLine.YData = createSmoothData(obj);
            % Update line color and width
            obj.SmoothLine.Color = obj.SmoothColor;
            obj.SmoothLine.LineWidth = obj.SmoothWidth;
        function propgrp = getPropertyGroups(obj)
            if ~isscalar(obj)
                % List for array of objects
                propgrp = getPropertyGroups@matlab.mixin.CustomDisplay(obj);
                % List for scalar object
                propList = {'SmoothColor','XData','YData'};
                propgrp = matlab.mixin.util.PropertyGroup(propList);
        function sm = createSmoothData(obj)
            % Calculate smoothed data
            v = ones(1,10)*0.1;
            sm = conv(obj.YData,v,'same');

After saving the class file, you can create an instance of the chart. Omit the semicolon when you create the chart to see the customized display.

x = 1:1:100;
y = 10*sin(x/15)+8*sin(10*x+0.5);
c = SmoothPlotCustomDisplay('XData',x,'YData',y)
c = 

  SmoothPlotCustomDisplay with properties:

    SmoothColor: [0.9290 0.6940 0.1250]
          XData: [1x100 double]
          YData: [1x100 double]

  Use GET to show all properties

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