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Package Apps in App Designer

After creating an app in App Designer, you can package it into a single installer file that you can easily share with others. The underlying functionality for packaging apps in App Designer is the same as the functionality that underlies the Add-Ons > Package App option in the MATLAB® Toolstrip.

  1. In App Designer, select the Designer tab. Then select Share > MATLAB App.

    Share button drop-down list. The options in the list are MATLAB App, Web App, and Standalone Desktop App.

    MATLAB opens the Package App dialog box.

  2. The Package App dialog box has the following items pre-populated:

    • The application name matches the name assigned to the figure in App Designer.

    • The Main file is the MLAPP file you currently have selected for editing.

    • The Output folder is the folder location where the installation file will be saved.

    • The files listed under Files included through analysis include any files MATLAB detected as dependent files. You can add additional files by clicking Add files/folders under Shared resources and helper files.

      Package App dialog box. The main file, shared resources and helper files, app name, and output folder are populated from the MLAPP file.

  3. Specify details to display in the apps gallery. Enter the appropriate information in these fields: Author Name, Email, Company, Summary, and Description.

  4. In the Products section, select the products that are required to run the app. Keep in mind that your users must have all of the dependent products installed on their systems.

  5. Click Select screenshot to specify an icon to display in the apps gallery.

  6. Click Package to create the .mlappinstall file to share with your users. Later, if you click the Package App button in the App Designer Toolstrip again, the Package App dialog box opens the most recently modified .prj file for the MLAPP file.

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