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Create Interactive Table in an App

Tables are useful for storing and displaying tabular data. This example shows how to display data in an app using a table UI component. You can also configure the table so that app users can interact with it by sorting or editing the data.

App Overview

When the app starts up, it loads a spreadsheet of patient data into a table array. Then it displays and plots a subset of the data from the table array. One of the plots updates when an app user edits values or sorts columns in the table UI component at run time. The app provides a plot of the original data for comparison.

Create App with Table

Display patient data in a table UI component and enable its interactive features:

  1. Add a table to the app canvas in Design View, and configure the table in the Component Browser. Rename the four table columns, and specify whether the columns can be editable and sortable when a user interacts with the table UI component. For more information about using tables in App Designer and configuring table behavior, see Add Tables to App Designer Apps.

  2. Populate the table UI component programmatically within a startupFcn callback function. Create the startupFcn callback by right-clicking the app node in the Component Browser and selecting Callbacks > Add StartupFcn callback. First, load the patient data from a spreadsheet and then programmatically assign this tabular data to the table UI component using the Data property. For more information about displaying table data in a table UI component, see Format Tabular Data in Apps.

function startupFcn(app)
    % Read table array from file
    t = readtable("patients.xls");
    % Configure table appearance
    % ...
    % Add data to the table UI component
    app.UITable.Data = t;

After you add and configure the table UI component, program the app to update a plot when an app user modifies the table data. In a helper function named updatePlot, add code to get the current table data and plot the modified data. Then create a callback function named UITableDisplayDataChanged to update the plot when an app user changes the table data by using the updatePlot helper function. For more information about callbacks, see Callbacks in App Designer.

function UITableDisplayDataChanged(app,event)
    % Update the plots when user sorts the columns of the table

To view and explore the fully coded app, launch this example in App Designer. Run the app and edit some of the table fields to see changes in the Updated Data plot.

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