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Modify Apps

When you update the files included in a .mlappinstall file, you recreate and overwrite the original app. You cannot maintain two versions of the same app.

To update files in an app you created:

  1. In the Current Folder browser, navigate to the folder containing the project file (.prj) that MATLAB® created when you packaged the app.

    By default, MATLAB writes the .prj file to the folder that was the current folder when you packaged the app.

  2. From the Current Folder browser, double-click the project file for your app package, appname.prj.

    The Package App dialog box opens.

  3. Adjust the information in the dialog box to reflect your changes by doing any or all of the following:

    • If you made code changes, add the main file again, and refresh the files included through analysis.

    • If your code calls additional files that are not included through analysis, add them.

    • If you want anyone who installs your app over a previous installation to be informed that the content is different, change the version.

      Version numbers must be a combination of integers and periods, and can include up to three periods —, for example.

      Anyone who attempts to install a revision of your app over another version is notified that the version number is changed. The user can continue or cancel the installation.

    • If your changes introduce different product dependencies, adjust the product list in the Products field. Keep in mind that your users must have all of the dependent products installed on their systems.

  4. Click Package.

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