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Server Management

Manage and monitor server, update MATLAB® Online Server™ and MATLAB releases running on server

After you have MATLAB Online Server running in a Kubernetes® cluster, you can monitor its resource usage, check the status of its pods, update to a new release of MATLAB, or update the server itself.

System Administration Commands

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mosadm load-docker-imagesLoad Docker images into MATLAB Online Server
mosadm list-docker-imagesList Docker images used by MATLAB Online Server
mosadm push-docker-imagesPush Docker images loaded from MATLAB Online Server to remote registry
mosadm build-matlab-imageBuild MATLAB Docker image for use in MATLAB Online Server
mosadm deployDeploy MATLAB Online Server services to Kubernetes cluster
mosadm upgradeUpgrade MATLAB Online Server services in Kubernetes cluster
mosadm undeployRemove MATLAB Online Server services from Kubernetes cluster
mosadm bootstrap-nodeInstall Kubernetes and configure single-node Kubernetes cluster for MATLAB Online Server
mosadm reset-nodeReset single-node Kubernetes cluster running MATLAB Online Server
mosadm renew-nodeRenew single-node Kubernetes certificates for MATLAB Online Server
mosadm merge-kube-configMerge Kubernetes configuration files into MATLAB Online Server installation
mosadm copy-helm-chartsCopy Helm charts into install location for MATLAB Online Server
mosadm generate-overridesGenerate override files for configuring MATLAB Online Server


Monitoring and Observability

Product Updates


Resolve MATLAB Pod Issues

Pods can have a status of "Running" but still have issues with licensing, MATLAB images, and storage.

Resolve Evicted or Terminated Pod Issues

Find and clean up evicted or terminated pods.

Resolve Out-of-Resource Conditions

Clean up unused images and provision more resources.