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Contact Technical Support About MATLAB Online Server Issues

This topic describes what MathWorks® Technical Support might need to troubleshoot issues encountered when running MATLAB® Online Server™. For similar information about MATLAB, see Contact Technical Support.

If you experience technical issues when installing, configuring, or maintaining MATLAB Online Server, contact support.

In your help request, provide system information, including UNIX® system information, the present working directory (pwd), and disk usage. To obtain this information, use the mosadm gather-system-info command. This command outputs the information to the terminal and logs it to the install.log file.

./mosadm gather-system-info

In addition to system information, include in your email as much of the following information as you can:

  • MATLAB Online Server license number

  • MATLAB Online Server version

  • Debugging logs. To configure more verbose logs, in the install.config file, set the LOG_LEVEL=debug parameter.

  • MATLAB version and all supplemental toolbox names

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