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Save Your Favorite Servers

You can save your favorite layers for easy access in the future. Use wmsupdate to fill in the Abstract, CoordRefSysCodes, and Details fields, and then save the layers. The next example demonstrates how to make a mini-database from the NASA, WHOI, and ESA servers.

  1. Find the servers and update all fields.

    nasa = wmsfind('nasa','SearchField','serverurl');
    favoriteLayers = nasa;
    favoriteLayers = wmsupdate(favoriteLayers, ...
       'AllowMultipleServers', true);
    favoriteServers = favoriteLayers.servers;
  2. Save your favorite layers in a MAT-file.

    save favorites favoriteLayers

  3. Search within your favorite layers for 'wind speed'. You have updated all fields, so you can search within any field, including the Abstract.

    windSpeed = favoriteLayers.refine('wind speed','SearchFields','any')

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