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Supported Hardware

The following table lists the hardware support for the Instrument Control Toolbox™. Notes follow the table.

Feature64-bit MATLAB® on Windows®64-bit MATLAB on macOS64-bit MATLAB on Linux®
VISA 3supported 1supported on two vendors 1, 3 
GPIB 4supported 1  
I2C 5supported 1supported 1supported 1
SPI 5supported 1supported 1supported 1
Quick-Control Oscilloscope and Quick-Control Function Generator supported 2supported 2supported 2
MATLAB Instrument Driverssupportedsupportedsupported
MATLAB Instrument Drivers made using IVI-C drivers and Instrument Wrappers for IVI-C driverssupported 1  

Table Notes

1. Dependent on support by third-party vendor driver for the hardware on this platform.

2. Dependent on third-party vendor support of platform when using an IVI-driver with Quick-Control Oscilloscope or Quick-Control Function Generator.

3. Requires Keysight® (formerly Agilent®), National Instruments™, Rohde & Schwarz, or TAMS VISA compliant with VISA specification 5.0 or higher for any platform. Only National Instruments VISA and Rohde & Schwarz VISA are supported on macOS. The other vendors’ VISA support does not include macOS.

4. Requires Keysight (formerly Agilent), ICS Electronics™, Measurement Computing™ (MCC), ADLINK Technology, or National Instruments hardware and driver.

5. Requires Aardvark or National Instruments hardware and driver.