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Specify callback function to execute when CD, CTS, DSR, or RI pin changes state


You configure PinStatusFcn to execute a callback function when a pin status event occurs. A pin status event occurs when the Carrier Detect (CD), Clear to Send (CTS), Data Set Ready (DSR) or Ring Indicator (RI) pin changes state. A serial port pin changes state when it is asserted or unasserted. Information about the state of these pins is recorded in the PinStatus property.


A pin status event can be generated at any time during the instrument control session.

If the RecordStatus property value is on, and a pin status event occurs, the record file records this information:

  • The event type as PinStatus

  • The pin that changed its state, and pin state as either on or off

  • The time the event occurred using the format day-month-year hour:minute:second:millisecond

To learn how to create a callback function, refer to Creating and Executing Callback Functions.



Serial port

Read only


Data type

Callback function


The default value is an empty character vector.

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