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Disconnecting and Cleaning Up

Disconnecting an Instrument Object

When you no longer need to communicate with the instrument, you should disconnect the object. Interface objects are disconnected with the fclose function; device objects are disconnected with the disconnect function.

You can examine the Status property to verify that the object is disconnected from the instrument.

ans =

Cleaning Up the MATLAB Workspace

When you no longer need the instrument object, you should remove it from memory with the delete function.


A deleted instrument object is invalid, which means that you cannot connect it to the instrument. In this case, you should remove the object from the MATLAB® workspace. To remove instrument objects and other variables from the MATLAB workspace, use the clear command.

clear obj

If you use clear on an object that is connected to an instrument, the object is removed from the workspace but remains connected to the instrument. You can restore cleared instrument objects to the MATLAB workspace with the instrfind function.