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Alias of resource name for VISA instrument


Alias indicates the alias for the resource name for a VISA instrument. When you create a VISA object, you can specify either the resource name for a VISA instrument or an alias for the resource name. If an alias is specified, Alias is automatically assigned the value specified in the VISA function. If a resource name is specified and the resource name has an alias, Alias is updated with the alias value. If the resource name does not have an alias, Alias is an empty character vector.



VISA object

Read only


Data type

Character vector


The default value is an empty character vector.


You set the alias for a resource name using vender-supplied tools. You do not set an alias in the MATLAB® workspace. When you create the VISA object in the MATLAB workspace, the Alias property of the object takes on the value of the resource name alias. You do not directly set the value of this property.

National Instruments™' Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) is one example of a graphical interface tool for setting a VISA alias in NI-VISA. In this tool, select Tools > NI-VISA > Alias Editor to edit, add, or clear aliases. When you have your aliases defined, you can use them in the MATLAB workspace to access your resources.

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