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Designated Computer License Administration

A Designated Computer License authorizes you to install and run MathWorks® software on only one computer. The installation is restricted for use to a host ID that identifies a particular computer, but not a particular user. Any number of people can log in and use the software, but not simultaneously.


Users on a Designated Computer license must be physically present to use the software. The Designated Computer license does not allow remote access.

To install MathWorks products on an Designated Computer License, run the MathWorks product installer. During installation, you log in to your MathWorks Account, select the license that you want to install, and provide the information requested by the other installer dialog boxes. The installer determines which products to install based on the license you specify.

You can install MathWorks products on individual computers in one of two ways:

  • Standard installation — You will need a MathWorks Account for standard online installation. Follow the instructions in Download and Install MATLAB.

  • Offline installation (install with a File Installation Key)— You will need the following:

    • A MathWorks Account to retrieve the license file and the File Installation Key associated with the license. The File Installation Key identifies the products you can install. The Administrator on the license can retrieve the File Installation Key from the License Center.

    • An Internet connection to download the installer and product installation files, which you will then take to the offline machine.

    Follow the instructions at Download Products Without Installing and Install MathWorks Products on Offline Computer.

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