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Network Hardware Configuration Notes

The following notes apply to network connections and hardware.

Using the same network as the PC on a shared network connection — Plug the camera into the network that the PC is plugged into. They must be on the same subnet. A system administrator can configure a VLAN if necessary.

Using a private network connection — You can connect the camera through the main/only Ethernet card, or through a second Ethernet card. In either scenario, a switch can be used to connect multiple cameras.

Ethernet cards — Ethernet cards must be 1000 Mbps. If direct connection or PC network allows, use a card that supports jumbo frames for larger packet sizes. Also, on Windows®, increase the number of receive buffers if reception is poor.

Switches for connecting multiple cameras — Use a switch that has full duplex 1000 Gbps per port capacity. It can be a managed switch, but does not have to be.