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Subsystem Guidelines and Limitations

Most subsystems that can be converted to C code are suitable for generating a TLM component. When you are considering a subsystem for TLM generation, keep in mind the following limitations:

  • Simulink® subsystem limitations for TLM generation:

    • Same limitations as the Embedded Coder® target if you are using Embedded Coder. If you are using Simulink Coder™ license, then Simulink Coder limitations are the ones that apply.

    • Bus data type not supported

    • Variable-size signals not supported

  • Simulink subsystem limitations tor TLM test bench generation:

    • Composite Simulink signal types not supported (e.g., buses, no-contiguous memory mux block outputs)

    • Multirate subsystems are not supported (however, constants are supported)

    • Complex signals are not supported

    • Subsystems with “action” ports are not supported (e.g., triggered, enabled, if Action, switch case Action)

  • SystemC/TLM generated component limitations:

    • TLM simple target socket (with blocking and debug interfaces) using Generic Payload

    • TLM target only (no TLM initiator generation)

    • 32-bit bus width only (address align on 4 bytes)

    • No byte enable

    • No endianess option

    • No streaming

    • No DMI

    • Generic Payload extensions ignored


This feature requires the ASIC Testbench for HDL Verifier add-on.

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