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Open FPGA Data Capture app


launchApp(DC) opens the FPGA Data Capture app, which captures data from a design running on an FPGA and returns the captured data to the MATLAB® workspace. The app is a wrapper on the specified hdlverifier.FPGADataReader System object™. Changes that you make in the app are saved in the properties of the System object.

You can configure the data types of the returned values and set up a trigger condition to control when the data is captured. You must have previously generated the customized data capture components by using FPGA Data Capture Component Generator. You must also have integrated the generated IP code into your project and deployed it to the FPGA. The tool communicates with the FPGA over a JTAG cable. You must connect the JTAG cable between the board and the host computer.

Input Arguments

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Customized data capture object, specified as an hdlverifier.FPGADataReader System object.

Version History

Introduced in R2017a