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Filter Design HDL Coder

Generate HDL code for fixed-point filters

Filter Design HDL Coder™ generates synthesizable, portable VHDL® and Verilog® code for implementing fixed-point filters designed with MATLAB® on FPGAs or ASICs. It automatically creates VHDL and Verilog test benches for simulating, testing, and verifying the generated code.


The Filter Design HDL Coder product will be discontinued in a future release. Instead, you can model hardware behavior, and generate HDL code by using System objects or Simulink® blocks from DSP HDL Toolbox™. These objects and blocks include hardware-friendly control signals and architecture options. To generate HDL code from DSP HDL Toolbox objects and blocks, you must also have the HDL Coder™ product.

For tutorials, see Get Started with DSP HDL Toolbox (DSP HDL Toolbox). For supported algorithms, see HDL-Optimized Filters and Transforms (DSP HDL Toolbox).

Get Started with Filter Design HDL Coder

Generate HDL code for fixed-point filters

Code Generation Fundamentals

HDL code generation startup, language selection, HDL code generation scripts

Filter Configuration Options

Single rate, multirate, cascaded, other advanced digital filters


Resource usage, clock speed, chip area, latency


File names and locations, identifiers and comments, ports and resets, HDL language constructs


HDL test bench generation, and cosimulation with third party EDA tools

Synthesis and Workflow Automation

Compilation, simulation, and synthesis script generation