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Industry standard checks overview

These checks verify whether your Simulink® model conforms to the industry-standard rules. industry-standard rules recommend using certain HDL coding guidelines. When generating code, HDL Coder™ displays an HDL coding standard report that shows how well the generated code adheres to the industry-standard guidelines. For more information, see HDL Coding Standards

Use the checks in this folder to verify whether:

  • Names in your design adhere to the standard naming conventions.

  • Subsystem names, top-level subsystem and port names, and signal and port names have the recommended number of characters in length.

  • The generated VHDL code from your design follows recommended guidelines. The guidelines recommend that the file name extension is .vhd, the architecture name is rtl, the package file postfix is _pkg, and that the generated code does not use generics at the top level.

  • Clock settings adhere to the industry-standard guidelines, and whether clock, reset, and enable signals adhere to the naming conventions.