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Check for Stateflow chart settings

Check ID: com.mathworks.HDL.ModelChecker.runStateflowChartSettingsChecks

Check ID: com.mathworks.HDL.ModelAdvisor.runStateflowChartSettingsChecks

Check HDL-compatible settings for Stateflow® Chart blocks.


This check displays a failed message if your model uses Stateflow Chart blocks that have settings incompatible for HDL code generation. The check passes when you select these settings for the Stateflow charts:

  • Execute (enter) chart at initialization property is selected.

  • Action Language is set to MATLAB.

  • Support variable-size arrays property is disabled.

For more information, see Specify Properties for Stateflow Charts (Stateflow).

Results and Recommended Actions

To fix this failed check, click Modify Settings. The code generator updates the Stateflow Chart settings to be compatible with HDL code generation.

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