fipref Object Construction

The fipref object defines the display and logging attributes for all fi objects. You can use the fipref constructor function to create a new object.

To get started, type

P = fipref

to create a default fipref object.

P =
         NumberDisplay: 'RealWorldValue'
    NumericTypeDisplay: 'full'
         FimathDisplay: 'full'
           LoggingMode: 'Off'
      DataTypeOverride: 'ForceOff'

The syntax

P = fipref(...'PropertyName','PropertyValue'...)

allows you to set properties for a fipref object at object creation with property name/property value pairs.

Your fipref settings persist throughout your MATLAB® session. Use reset(fipref) to return to the default settings during your session. Use savefipref to save your display preferences for subsequent MATLAB sessions.