Data Analysis

Data manipulation and information operations


denormalmaxLargest denormalized quantized number for quantizer object
denormalminSmallest denormalized quantized number for quantizer object
fractionlengthFraction length of quantizer object
lowerboundLower bound of range of fi object
lsbScaling of least significant bit of fi object, or value of least significant bit of quantizer object
rangeNumerical range of fi or quantizer object
upperboundUpper bound of range of fi object
wordlengthWord length of quantizer object
sortSort elements of real-valued fi object in ascending or descending order
exponentbiasExponent bias for quantizer object
exponentlengthExponent length of quantizer object
exponentmaxMaximum exponent for quantizer object
exponentminMinimum exponent for quantizer object
isbooleanDetermine whether input is Boolean
isdoubleDetermine whether input is double-precision data type
isfiDetermine whether variable is fi object
isfimathDetermine whether variable is fimath object
isfimathlocalDetermine whether fi object has local fimath
isfiprefDetermine whether input is fipref object
isfixedDetermine whether input is fixed-point data type
isnumerictypeDetermine whether input is numerictype object
ispropequalDetermine whether properties of two fi objects are equal
isquantizerDetermine whether input is quantizer object
isscaleddoubleDetermine whether input is scaled double data type
isscaledtypeDetermine whether input is fixed-point or scaled double data type
isscalingbinarypointDetermine whether input has binary point scaling
isscalingslopebiasDetermine whether input has nontrivial slope and bias scaling
isscalingunspecifiedDetermine whether input has unspecified scaling
issignedDetermine whether fi object is signed
issingleDetermine whether input is single-precision data type
isslopebiasscaledDetermine whether numerictype object has nontrivial slope and bias scaling