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Cash Flows

Analyze cash flows including annuities, amortization and depreciation, present and future value, and rates of return

Financial Toolbox™ provides a collection of financial tools to compute cash flows and sensitivities for annuities, amortization and depreciation, present and future value, and rates of return.


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annuratePeriodic interest rate of annuity
annutermNumber of periods to obtain value
payadvPeriodic payment given number of advance payments
payoddPayment of loan or annuity with odd first period
payperPeriodic payment of loan or annuity
payuniUniform payment equal to varying cash flow
amortizeAmortization schedule
depfixdbFixed declining-balance depreciation schedule
depgendbGeneral declining-balance depreciation schedule
deprdvRemaining depreciable value
depsoydSum of years' digits depreciation
depstlnStraight-line depreciation schedule
pvfixPresent value with fixed periodic payments
pvvarPresent value of varying cash flow
fvdiscFuture value of discounted security
fvfixFuture value with fixed periodic payments
fvvarFuture value of varying cash flow
effrrEffective rate of return
elpmCompute expected lower partial moments for normal asset returns
irrInternal rate of return
mirrModified internal rate of return
nomrrNominal rate of return
taxedrrAfter-tax rate of return
xirrInternal rate of return for nonperiodic cash flow
cfconvCash flow convexity
cfdurCash-flow duration and modified duration
cfamountsCash flow and time mapping for bond portfolio
cfportPortfolio form of cash flow amounts
cftimesTime factors corresponding to bond cash flow dates
cfdatesCash flow dates for fixed-income security
cfdatesqQuasi-coupon dates for fixed-income security
cfpriceCompute price for cash flow given yield to maturity
cfplotVisualize cash flows of financial instruments
cfspreadCompute spread over yield curve for cash flow
cfyieldCompute yield to maturity for cash flow given price
cfbyzeroPrice cash flows from set of zero curves
tmfactorTime factors of arbitrary dates
cur2fracDecimal currency values to fractional values
cur2strBank-formatted text
dec2thirtytwoDecimal to thirty-second quotation
frac2curFractional currency value to decimal value
thirtytwo2decThirty-second quotation to decimal
todecimalFractional to decimal conversion
toquotedDecimal to fractional conversion