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Setup and Configuration

Install hardware support package, update firmware, and configure hardware connection

The setup and configuration process includes install of the Embedded Coder® Support Package for Infineon® AURIX™ TC3x Microcontrollers software and install of the third-party software such as Infineon Low Level Driver (iLLD), TASKING(R) VX-toolset for TriCore, HighTec TriCore® Development Platform, and Synopsys® Virtualizer Development Kit to support Infineon AURIX TC3x.

With this software installed, you can set up your model to use the support package and set up communications with your target hardware or Virtual Prototyping (VP).


codertarget.aurix_target.setiLLDPrecompiledFolder()Set folder path to store precompiled iLLD library (Since R2024a)